Person Centred Interviewing – Live Zoom Course 2023


Happening again in 2025

Happening again in 2025

The person-centred interview is a tool that enables clinicians to build quick rapport with clients while gathering relevant and important clinical information without contaminating the clinical picture. It can be used a variety of clinical and forensic contexts and replaces the laborious intake interview and history taking that often creates distance and yields often irrelevant data. It is grounded in the person centred approach and is a valuable tool for working accurately and effectively in an integrative therapeutic way.

Participants will gain a deeper thorough understanding of the person centred approach as well as master the tool of the person-centred interview in this training.

This workshop will aim to:

  • Explain the difference between the person-centred approach and the person-centred technique
  • Give trainees a thorough understanding of Roger’s theory of personality and how this links with the approach
  • Train attendees in facilitating person-centred interviews as the foundation for gaining clinical information on their clients’
  • interactional styles both theoretically and practically
  • Train attendees in the core-principles of the effective Rogerian therapist
  • Facilitate and enhance therapeutic skills

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