Interactional Pattern Analysis (IPA) Level 1, 2 & 3 Package


This package is IPA A to Z! The IPA is an incredible psychodiagnostic tool that helps you turn content into process language for describing and organising your observations, provides you with a way of formulating your case, and provides a logical and systematic framework for planning effective therapeutic interventions.  You can complete IPA Level I (formulating the IPA), Level II (applying the IPA) and IPA Level III (strategic interactional psychotherapy) in your own time.

  • IPA Level I (14 CEU’s, 1 for ethics)
  • IPA Level II (14 CEU’s, 1 for ethics)
  • IPA Level III (15 CEU’s) 

In IPA Level I, you will learn all about the interactional approach, the IPA and how to formulate an accurate IPA IPA Level II we look at applying the IPA to treatment planning, and in IPA III, we learn how to use the IPA for strategic  interactional psychotherapy interventions 

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43 General, 2 Ethics


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